1. We specialize in the construction and renovation of:
    • Overhead high voltage lines 110kV, 220kV and 400kV
    • High voltage cable lines 110kV and 220kV
    • Overhead and cable 20kV lines
    • Substations 20 / 0.4kV
    • Overhead and cable low voltage lines
  2. We carry out the construction and modernization of 400/220 / 110kV transformer stations
  3. We conduct research and commissioning of energy automation
  4. We implement wind and solar farms
  5. We conduct life working 220kV and 400kV on overhead lines
  6. We carry out renovation of 110 / 20kV transformer insulation in constant motion
  7. We carry out concepts and technical analysis of power supply of industrial facilities
  8. We implement construction of energy facilities in a turnkey system with a technical project