In 2001, we were awarded the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001 in the field of “Project, manufacturing and construction activities in the power, telecommunications and general construction industries.” In 2009, we implemented the Quality Certificate according to PN-N-18001:2004, which is a Polish equivalent of the international occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18000.

The quality management system in ZWSE MEGA-POL S.A. allows for the continuous supply of services in the field of power engineering and general construction, designing, post-assembly testing, commissioning of automation systems, workshop production, which meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The main objectives of our quality operations are:

  • provision of services with a quality meeting the growing client needs and strengthening the position of a reliable partner
  • sourcing materials and works from suppliers guaranteeing supplies in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Law and Energy Law and with a stable and agreed level of quality
  • unique operations, allowing the company’s employees and third parties to clearly distinguish the company from its competitors
  • continuous, systematic improvement of staff qualifications
  • creating a safe working environment with electrical equipment